Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Snack Dilemmas

Been majorly slacking with posts here, but that's going to change so stay tuned!

Snacks are a major part of each day for me being a Hunter, read high metabolism, and all my usual snacks have gone out the window due mostly to their wheat content and or other Hunter unfriendly ingredients like potatos and corn. I thougt I had found the answer to all my salty crunchy problems with one variety of Terra chips, but I was wrong. Drat!
I read ingredient lists like there's no tomorrow and I still missed this one. One of the root veggies they use is called something else, but is the same exact veggie on the genotype lists. So make sure you know your list well and take it with you when you shop.
I'm back to the drawing board on the whole salty crunchy snack issue, but my aim is just to make my own since I'm babysitting an amazing food dehydrator. Just haven't gotten around to it yet...
In the meantime my snacks of choice have been roasted salted pumpkin seeds and a tupperware of roasted whole almonds mixed with dried cranberries-thanks to Kristi for that idea!

In case you're wondering most flavors of Lara Bars are Hunter friendly and out of all the snack/energy/protein/granola bars on the market here those are the only ones I've found to be completely on the Hunter list. And, yes they're one of the most expensive ones on the markt as well, however, the ingredient list is surprisingly short, and I've experimented with making my own versions as well. When I get it perfected I'll post it here!

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