Tuesday, April 8, 2008

In The Beginning...

Years ago, probably about 10 by now, "Eat Right For Your Type" kept crossing my path til I finally checked it out from the library. I had been diagnosed with both Fibromyalgia and Epstein-Barr Virus and along with those came chronic fatigue, depression, weight loss, etc etc. I wondered if I followed the guidelines for my type, O, if it might help w/all the physical yuck I was dealing with. I was religious about it for 6-9 months and I think it did help, and at the same time it added another stress to my life when I couldn't handle anymore stress. What the heck was I supposed to eat if I eliminated wheat, dairy, corn and potatoes?? Those foods are in everything! I finally decided to loosen up about it, and tried to limit those things among others as much as I could without causing undue stress.

Fast forward to a couple months ago when "Eat Right" started coming up again, but this time for my fiancee and his family, a bunch of whom all typed their blood at home with a kit from the Naturopath's office. So I dug out my old, crumpled, faded O list to share with them and went searching online for a better one, but couldn't find one even on the "Eat Right" website. Instead I started updating my own list via their updated food lists. They've done a lot more research and have added a lot since the book was first published, and discovered that he'd written a new book w/updated info and a new way of looking at things that seems to me to be more refined than the original.

After waiting a couple weeks for the "Genotype Diet" to become available at the library I delved in to all the fun tests and measurements to determine my Genotype, which I've discovered is the Hunter, and corresponds to my O blood type and "Eat Right"!

So I'm off and running on another new journey, much much healthier than I was the first time, and still looking to feel even better!