Wednesday, April 9, 2008

So Far...

I've noticed that my skin was clear right before my period when it's usually breaking out. That in and of itself is reason enough to stick with it! ;-) I've also noticed that I'm not experiencing "food coma", getting really sleepy and lethargic, after I eat like I used to which is another fantastic benefit!

So far so good!

For any of you thinking about trying out the Genotype Diet or for anyone who has just begun, I'd highly recommend picking one or two foods to trade in at a time. I chose to start with breakfast because I found easy trades for what I already ate. For example I ate oatmeal with almond milk nearly every morning and neither of those things are on my superfood list, in fact they're on my avoid list! So I simply traded oats for brown rice cereal and almond milk for hazelnut milk. I made a copy of the food lists in the book and carry it with me to the grocery so I can explore new foods. I'm realizing that I'm approaching the change in diet with a lot more wonder and curiosity than I did the first time around with "Eat Right".
Another thing I'd recommend is going to the store when you're full, not hungry lol That's not a good time to try to figure out what you can and cannot eat. It makes for major crankies!

The biggest challenge for me so far is my committment to avoid all wheat, which also means sprouted. At first I thought, "no problem, I have 2 great cookbooks that are completely gluten free. I'll be able to find all kinds of substitutes for the bready, crackery things I normally eat." What I didn't bank on was the fact that the combo of flours she has come up with and perfected over the years uses 3 different flours, 2 of which are on my avoid list-drat! Next! Not sure what that is yet so if anyone has any fantastic ideas I'm open to hearing them. What do you eat for lunch if you're not making sandwiches or wraps? I know there's a world of food options out there for the taking but I got stuck in the PB & J rut, and a person can only eat tuna and gluten free crackers so many times a month, not just cuz it get's boring but because of the whole fish/mercury thing.
So what do you eat for lunch?

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