Sunday, December 28, 2008

Certificate & Stuff

Just had to show off my certificate! I feel so official!

Revisiting the conference....
I learned a lot there, and one of the most important things was how to do the Genotype measurements correctly! We discovered that a bunch of us were not the type we thought we were, including me! So now that I've visited each of the types that are possible for an O Blood Type: Hunter, which I initially did great on, but then plateaued and couldn't figure out why; Explorer, I felt like crap right from the get go, and then finally landed on Gatherer after learning the measurements and taking my time doing the calculations. I've been following the Gatherer list for probably about a month and am still learning and getting comfortable with it, but I think we're on the right track.
We're working on an idea for a Genotype Cook book and I'll be adding more recipes here as I go.


Paul said...

Hi Chelsea. Great blog and journey. I was wondering what you learned about the measurements that made you realize your true Genotype. One thing I can't understand is that the measuring of someone seated NEVER seems to show anyone who's legs are longer than their torso. My family is all long legged and every one of us ended up having allegedly longer torsos(which resulted in all of us being Teacher genotypes--whereas some of us may have been Warriors). Please let me know anything you learned about the measurements incl. ring vs index finger. So close sometimes that it's very difficult to tell.

Chelsie Kane said...

Hi Paul,
Thanks for reading and asking your question!
To begin figuring your genotype start w/the Advanced Genotype Calculator on page 290 in the book. For most people it's quick and easy. For this you need sitting height minus chair height equals torso height.
Standing height minus torso height equals total leg length.
That all determines whether torso or legs are longer.

Measure lower leg, and upper leg.
For the upper leg measurement make sure the end of the tape measure is as far into the crease of the leg as it will go, and then the other end should end right at the dip as you come off the top of the knee cap.

For the lower leg make sure you're measuring from the top of the correct bone, which can be tricky to find the way they describe it in the book. Try this... sit on your bed or the floor with your legs straight out, bend one leg so it's at a 90 degree angle away from your body (opposite of how you would bend it if you were going to cross your legs), feel the bump at the top of the crease where your knee bends? That's the right place to measure from then to the middle (highest point) of the ankle bone.

Know your blood type.

Compare, but don't actually measure your ring & index fingers to see which is longer or if they're opposite by looking at your hands palms facing you. Take your time and look closely, having another person look can help too.

All the rest of the measurements and comparisons in the book are helpful if you get down to 2 possible genotypes with the advanced calculator and need to go on to the strength testing to determine which genotype it is.

Good Luck and let me know how the remeasuring goes!

Camila Arriagada said...

Hi Chelsie! I´m from Chile and I love to be certificated in this beautiful art. How can I do that? I´ll Be greatfull if you can help me, because I`m really far away! but I can travel and learn.


Chelsie said...

Hi Camila! You can learn more about getting certified here:
and you can learn more about Dr. Dadamo, as well as the blood type diet and the genotype diets here: