Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Conference & Certification

We had a great time at the IfHI Mini Conference and exploring around Crossville, TN! And we got our exam certificates in the mail today! Yippee! We are now officially Fellows of the Institute for Human Individulity and are listed in the Practitioner Database here:

I learned a lot about the science behind the Blood Type and Genotype Diets which was really exciting and am looking forward to being able to share that with folks during workshops here in Prescott really soon!

While we were sitting there listening to Larry, the conference organizer, and Dr. D give their presentations I was knitting away! ;-) I finished one baby jester hat and started and completed another one. The lady sitting next to me had been enjoying watching me knit, knit, knit and asked if I ever sold my hats. I said, yes, in fact I was getting these ready for the shop downtown that sells them for me and she said, well I'd buy them if you want to sell them to me... Of course I said yes! And because it was just before Halloween I'd taken the 2 Halloween themed hats with me that I'd knitted over the summer and she bought one of those too! Wahoo!! I was thrilled!

The day after the conference we went to a state park with a couple waterfalls and enjoyed hiking and being surrounded by the fall foliage. I couldn't get over how much Crossville looked like many parts of Oregon! I told Kristi if someone had blindfolded me and dropped me off in TN I totally would have thought I was in the NW!

My favorite part of our hike was this suspension bridge over the creek!!

That's Cane Creek Falls in the background

Kristi chillin in the woods

The day we flew out we made a mad dash around 2 different outlet malls in search of various things in which I came away with a new pair of pants and top to match :-D and made it to the airport with plenty of time for more shopping and take out dinner ;-)

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