Sunday, February 14, 2010

Your Favorite Brownies! Gluten Free!

Discovering this recipe and then adapting it with flours that work for me was a major boon early on in my motivation to learn more GF baking recipes. It's so good, my friends that are not gluten free ask me to make it for them!
ETA: 3/26/11 As of this week I've taken down the brownie recipe as I'm now taking orders through our local CSA for gluten free baked goods & mixes. Orders and baked goods may also be available this summer through our Farmer's Market. The brownies specifically are also available for purchase at the Prescott Public Library-Cafe Libre as well as the Prescott College Crossroads Cafe. If you're not local to Prescott, AZ. please contact me for more information on the products available for order. I'm happy to ship :-)  

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